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40 S&W HST (Hydra Shok Technology)


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Category: Ammo

Type: Ammunition

Brand: Federal

Model: HST

Caliber: .40 S&W


Capacity: 500

Weight: 12

Material: g

Sight: Fixed

Purpose: ammunition


40 S&W HST (Hydra Shok Technology) Federal 500 Rds

Buy 40 S&W Online. FEDERAL HST.LAW ENFORCEMENT TACTICAL AMMO. Nickel Cased High Expansion profound entering HOLLOW POINT!!!This stuff extends like insane and tears separated the miscreants. These are getting scant and value rising daily!!!!THE ITEM IN PICTURE IS THE ITEM YOU GET!!….NOT SOME STOCK PHOTO

Federal Premium ammo is a trailblazer in the weapon business. They give probably the best shots for chasing, shooting, and self-defense. You can believe when you buy ammo from them that it is ensured to work.

The .40 S&W Federal Hydra Shok is one of the top self-defense adjusts. It has a 180-grain slug with a jacketed hollow point. It has a middle post hollow point plan. This takes into account a similar measure of extension on each round you shoot. Buy 40 S&W Online. Additionally, the Hydra Shok shot has an indented copper coat which permits the projectile to have fast extension on contact with the objective. This is a chief self-defense round and ought to be in your regular convey or self-defense firearm.

It is conveyed by individuals from Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and police divisions across the U.S. It has a fighter groundwork, a nickel plated metal packaging and walloping 1000 feet for every second gag speed, settling on it an extraordinary decision for self-defense.

This mass bundle accompanies 500 rounds of ammo and has 20 rounds for every case with 25 boxes per case. On the off chance that you are not kidding about self-defense, at that point look no farther than this slug.

5 reviews for 40 S&W HST (Hydra Shok Technology)

  1. warren

    Good prices, quick shipment. Easy process checking out. Great product.

  2. Raymond

    Multiple purchases from R C and always good pricing, great timely shipping.
    Happy frequent repeat customer.

  3. Cater

    I have purchased federal hst ammo in 9mm, 45, and .40 and Royal Cartridge has great prices and ships fast. This ammo is some of the best carry ammo out there.

  4. Brandon

    Shot this ammo in two different Glock 23’s. Both shot to point of aim. No malfunctions and muzzle flash was minimal.

  5. Curtis

    It went so smoothly I don’t have much to tell. Ordered product, they shipped it, I got it, case closed. If only everyone worked liked that. R C

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