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9mm 124gr Ammo


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Item ID: 88521903

UPC: 6544312873


Category: Ammo

Type: Ammunition

Brand: M&S Supplies LLC

Model: 9mm 124gr

Caliber: 9mm


Capacity: 9

Weight: 10

Material: steel


Purpose: ammo


 9mm 124gr. RN Range Ammo

Buy 9mm 124gr Ammo. 1000 2 “Battlepacks” 9mm 124gr.RN TMJ bullets that is stacked ammo. The bullets are measured .355 and the metal is once shot with blended headstamps. Phenomenal for discovering where your costly safeguard ammunition prints on paper.

3 reviews for 9mm 124gr Ammo

  1. Daryl

    I got a great price for this ammo. Big savings. It was shipped out a few days after I ordered it.

  2. Kent

    Using this with a SIG P226 I had no failure to fire or malfunctions with this ammo, will buy again!!

  3. Gene

    Awesome buy great product for the price.

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