cci 41 primers Small Rifle Military Primers

Buy cci 41 primers . Our Mil-Spec No. 41/5.56 primer provides the most reliable, consistent ignition. It’s built to military specifications and specifically designed for use in 5.56 cartridges.


  • Specifically designed for loading 5.56 cartridges
  • Built to military specification
  • Provide extremely reliable, consistent ignition


Type Small Rifle
Caliber 5.56
Bullet Style Small Rifle
Package Quantity 1000
Usage Reloading

4 reviews for cci 41 primers Small Rifle Military Primers

  1. Bernice

    great product

  2. Jay

    Are these suitable for other applications that use small rifle primers such as 30 carbine?

    • royalcartridge

      Yes, they are normal small rifle primers just with a bit harder cup to prevent slam fires in semi auto guns. Also can be a bit hotter depending on what brand you compare them to. But they will work with no problem.

  3. Kiwii

    used in both 300 AAC and 5.56 and for both it worked great, no misfires no dented primers. work the same as any other small rifle primers

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

  4. Gabby

    These are my go to primers for AR 15 platform rifles. Very reliable.
    Lovely packaging no damages

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