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9mm 147 Gr. Gold Dot 500 RdS


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Category: Ammo

Type: Ammunition

Brand: Speer

Model: Gold Dot

Caliber: 9mm Luger (9×19 Para)


Capacity: 500

Weight: 14

Material: Gold

Sight: Fixed

Purpose: ammunition


9mm 147 Gr. Gold Dot 500 RdS

Buy Gold Dot Online. CCI/Speer Gold dot 147 Gr. 9mm Nickel cased High Expansion empty point ammo. 500 rounds. This is at least somewhat great. Best ammunition made.YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR ORDER WITH NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPNG All ammunition is uncommon at this moment,

New creation Speer LE 54226 Gold Dot G2 9mm 147gr Polymer Tip as given by law implementation organizations as their obligation round. Additionally picked by USSOCOM for their G17 and G19 guns. Speer Gold Dot G2 gives the best exhibition to obligation with the most elevated scores throughout the entire existence of FBI convention testing.

The Gold Dot G2 highlights elite Gold Dot development and an underlying plated, pressure-framed center. Rather than an enormous cavity in the nose, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish loaded up with a superior elastomer. On effect, the material is constrained into extraordinarily planned gaps to begin the development cycle, rather than regular shot plans, which need target media to enter the empty point and make extension powers. Buy Gold Dot Online. The outcome is uniform development and more predictable entrance across obstruction types, firearm stages, and barrel lengths.

This ammo was as of late transported from the wholesaler, so it is pristine and the most recent version. The current group appears to all have 2019 headstamps. Speer 54226 has been utilized by the FBI as their obligation round as Speer 54227.

The skives of the cartridge were altered beginning in late 2015 with the goal that the slug will preferred grow in barrels more limited over 5 inches. The new form with the adjusted skives is on the privilege of this photograph by Molon. Buy Gold Dot Online. The prior variant was repackaged by Speer and sold as surplus to wholesalers in a white box as preparing ammo with a seller number of 954226. This preparation ammo was accessible for $0.38 per round from different sellers. The cartridges that we are offering are the most recent adaptation, first quality, and just transported from the merchant.

“On the off chance that you are probably going to connect with dangers in or around vehicles, at that point Speer G2, Win Ranger Bonded, and Hornady Critical Duty are acceptable options.” Dr. Roberts

“The GD2 enters somewhat more profound (15-18″), however extends somewhat less- – this is a bit of leeway on the off chance that you work around vehicles. On the off chance that your are bound to have less impeded commitment, at that point the standard GD which enters somewhat less (13-15″) and grows a smidgen more is presumably the better choice…” Dr. Roberts

From Dr. G.K. Roberts (Glock 19) . . .

9 mm Fed 147 gr HST 4LD: Pen = 15.5″, RD = 0.52″, RL = 0.53″, RW = 148.5 gr

9 mm Speer 147 gr G2 4LD: Pen = 17.4″, RD = 0.49″, RL = 0.45″, RW = 145.6 gr

9 mm Win 147 gr RA9B 4LD: Pen = 19.4″, RD = 0.46″, RL = 0.49″, RW = 146.6 gr

See photograph

Recuperated from 4LD- – Top line is Speer 147 gr G2 PT, Far right is Fed 147 gr HST control round, Bottom column is Winchester 147 gr RA9B JHP

Reach report from Molon on HERE

This cartridge is on Dr. Gary Roberts’ rundown of burdens that show remarkable terminal execution and can be viewed as adequate for obligation/self-preservation use. 9mm Self Defense and Duty Loads

“Shot plans like the Silver Tip, Hydra-Shok, and Black Talon were cutting edge 15 or 20 years back. These more established slugs will in general stop up and act like FMJ shots when shot through substantial dress; they additionally regularly have huge degradation in terminal execution after initial going through halfway boundaries. Buy Gold Dot Online. Present day ammo which has been intended for powerful development against garments and transitional hindrances is fundamentally better than the more seasoned plans. The shots in the Federal Classic and Hydrashok line are beated by other ATK items, for example, the Federal Tactical and HST, just as the Speer Gold Dot; similarly Winchester Ranger Talons are far better than the old Black Talons or regular citizen SXT’s.



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