GLOCK 48 Semi-Auto Pistol For Sale

The GLOCKĀ® 48 Semi-Auto Pistol uses a solitary stacked magazine in 9mm, explicitly to make it thin and conservative for disguised convey use. The G48 is comparative long and tallness of the G19, however the width is diminished for upgraded concealability. Inside, the GLOCK 48 utilizes a similar striker fired, short-recoil operated, and bolted breech barrel as all GLOCK pistols. The Safe-Action trigger framework makes shooting in focused on circumstances dependable. The harsh finished polymer grasp gives a strong hold, and while the G48 is very concealable, the hold offers shooters enough surface zone to obtain a strong grasp on the weapon rapidly. The slide includes a silver nPVD finish, and front and rear serrations. The white-spot front sight and the white-section rear sight give fast procurement in faint lighting circumstances. The GLOCK 48 Semi-Auto Pistol is a solid, simple to keep up firearm that is ideal for ordinary convey. The G48 accompanies 2 single-stack 10-round magazines.

  • Single-stacked magazine
  • Thin, covered convey weapon
  • Silver nPVD completed slide
  • Front and rear slide serrations
  • Safe-Action trigger framework
  • White-speck front and rear sights
  • Striker fired, short-recoil operated
  • Accompanies two 10-round magazines


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